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In-home Euthanasia

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For those of us who share our lives, homes and love with an animal, there comes a day when we have to say goodbye.  Dr. D will do everything in her power to help this day to be as straightforward and stress-free as possible for you and your companion.  She believes the best possible scenario is to be able to let your beloved cat or dog pass in the comfort of their home rather than in the midst of a busy, unfamiliar setting.

Dr. D will guide you step-by-step, letting you know exactly what to expect, and will consult with you regarding after-care decisions.  During this journey, you will be able to hold, talk to, and kiss your pet.  When you are ready, your pet will pass without pain or anxiety. 

After-care options include:

  • Communal cremation with ashes sprinkled on private property
  • Private cremation with the ashes returned to you

Dr. D will transport your deceased pet to the cremation service for you.

Please contact us to discuss details and answer any questions you have.

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